Legacy is a leading provider of compliance packaging to retailers, specializing in compliance bottle and blister packaging. The American Public Health Association (APhA) estimates that 125,000 American die each year due to poor prescription medication adherence and actively advocates for the adoption of compliance packaging as the industry standard. Legacy offers a complete Compliance Packaging Program to ensure your choice for compliance packaging meets the needs of the pharmacists you serve.


  • Increases productivity in preparing prescriptions
  • Decreases errors in tablet count and product selection
  • Increases earnings per prescription
  • Increases pharmacy consumer interaction
  • Increases pharmacy retention rate
  • Provides greater predictability of patient Rx renewal dates
  • Product directly shipped to Retail Distribution Centers
  • Product can be packaged under Legacy’s NDC number
  • Medicare/Medicaid paperwork managed by Legacy


  • Senior friendly/child resistant
  • Promotes regimented dosing
  • Supports low cost generic program