Legacy is the leading provider of unit-of-use packaging to retailers, specializing in compliance bottle and blister packaging. Unit-of-use packaging is growing in popularity with pharmacists because it reduces the time required to fill prescriptions and dramatically reduce dispensing errors. Legacy offers a complete Unit-of-Use Program to ensure your choice for packaging meets the needs of the pharmacists you serve.


  • Increases productivity in preparing prescriptions
  • Decreases errors in tablet count and product selection
  • Increases earnings per prescription
  • Increases pharmacy consumer interaction
  • Increases pharmacy retention rate
  • Provides greater predictability of patient Rx renewal dates
  • Product directly shipped to Retail Distribution Centers
  • Product can be packaged under Legacy’s NDC number
  • Medicare/Medicaid paperwork managed by Legacy


  • Senior friendly/child resistant
  • Promotes regimented dosing
  • Supports low cost generic program
  • Reduced wait time for prescriptions