Keystone Folding Box Co. (, a manufacturer of paperboard packaging, has introduced Ecoslide-RX, a compliance package made from 100% recyclable material. Using unbleached paperboard with a clay-coated surface, Ecoslide-RX was developed to support blister packages employing a minimal amount of film and foil, explains Ward Smith, director of marketing for Keystone. The secondary package can be used for a child-resistant (F=1), senior-friendly compliance solution.

To execute the product’s first major project, Keystone has teamed up with contract packager Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging (, which is developing automated assembly lines for Ecoslide-RX.

Legacy Packaging is preparing automated lines for the Ecoslide-RX compliance package from Keystone Folding Box Co.

“When we first considered the concept in December 2009, we knew that we needed high-speed automation to deliver a cost-effective solution,” says Smith. “While we work with many clinical trial packaging companies, we wanted to start the Ecoslide-RX program with one key company for this particular commercial project.”

As Keystone started looking around for that collaborator, Legacy was looking to expand into compliance packaging. Founded by Wayne Welborn, a 30-year pharmaceutical industry veteran, the privately held contract packager provides package design capabilities, project and inventory management, and high-speed bottle filling, blistering, pouching, and secondary packaging.

“We looked at several existing compliance package designs, but we felt the Ecoslide-RX had all the right attributes to become the industry-standard, next-generation compliance pack,” says Brad Rayner of Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging. “When we found Keystone and considered the Ecoslide-RX concept, we knew immediately that we had found a scalable, sustainable, economical solution that our customers could use to differentiate their products. With our recent project with Keystone, our vision is to become the leading total solutions provider in the unit-of-use and compliance packaging market.”

Packaging of Ecoslide-RX is expected to run at extremely high speeds because the package does not require heat sealing, Smith explains. “The time required to assemble heat-sealable packages limits operational efficiencies,” says Smith. “Ecoslide-RX cartons will ship flat to Legacy for high-speed erecting and inserting blister packaging.”

Legacy is currently investing in automated blister lines for Ecoslide-RX to meet the project’s launch date in the first quarter of 2012. The lines will be installed in its St. Louis, MO, facility, which recently tripled its footprint from 90,000 to 270,000 sq ft. “We are currently building several high-speed lines and have the capacity to add a total of ten,” says Rayner. (The company is also installing a high-speed bottling line scheduled for production fourth quarter.)

Thanks to automation, Ecoslide-RX will be an affordable alternative to both bottles and other compliance packages, says Smith. “While Ecoslide-RX may have a higher cost than simply bottling product, it is closer in cost to bottling than any other compliance package on the market,” he says.

Ecoslide-RX is suited for prescription products, physician’s samples, and clinical trial materials. It is smaller than some existing compliance packages, which may better suit retail pharmacies employing tube chutes, explains Smith. It can also be preprinted, eliminating the need for manufacturers to obtain and apply their own labels, he adds.

Legacy serves the branded, generic, government, wholesale, and major retail markets and is the leading provider of unit-of-use packaging to major retail chains and drug manufacturers. Legacy is registered with the FDA, VAWD certified, and licensed by the DEA to handle Schedule II –V drugs and L1 chemicals.

“We have the experience, the capital support and the right partner in Keystone to become the leading total solution provider for the unit of use and compliance packaging market in 2012 and beyond,” Rayner says.